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Twining and hospital partnership

Joint signing of the international hospital partnership agreement


Hospital Partnerships between Project Pilot Hospitals and EU-based hospitals are under development. First actions have been taken under the Project Component 4.5.2 to make full use of other existing twinning, partnership and exchange programmes beyond the present Project and to support mechanisms of exchange and peer counseling.

Professor Ulrich Rappen from the City Hospital of Baden Baden, Germany and Ludmila Mykhailivna Ponomarenko from the City Childrens' Hospital of Poltava signed a memorandum between their respective hospitals in terms of creating an international hospital partnership that supports mechanisms of exchange and peer support on September 9, 2008, in the Poltava Regional State Healthcare Administration.

In the course of the joint efforts made by European countries, both parties are developing their cooperation in the area of social policy and organisation of the fundamental issues in the health sector. This includes the exchange of information and experience in the area of the health sector organisation and reforming in both countries. The following fields of cooperation were defined: sharing information and experience among managerial decision makers, know-how transfer and capacity building, methodology of hospital modernization, counseling with regard to setting up a hospital federation, fundraising activities, support in the area of humanitarian aid. The meeting was initiated by the EU Project “Support to the Secondary Healthcare Reform in Ukraine”.

The memorandum was presented to the audience and the signees received the congratulations from Viktor Lysak, Head of Poltava Regional State Healthcare Administration and Bela Kaunzinger, Expert of the EU Project “Support to the Secondary Healthcare Reform in Ukraine”.

This project is funded by European Union This project is implemented by Consortium EPOS Health Consultants with ECORYS and NICO

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