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System Planning and Sector Management

The planned outcomes of Component 2 “System Planning and Sector Management” are, firstly, increased secondary care sector management and regulation capacities, secondly, practical experimental implementation of improved management models for secondary care, and finally, information system strategy and specifications for SHC monitoring and internal management of hospitals.

The concrete outputs are:

• Regional secondary health care Master Plans for all 3 pilot regions
• Related public expenditure frameworks and finance plans
• An inventory of the best practices within secondary healthcare management (in Ukraine)
• A plan for referral system and its implementation plan
• Recommendations for a secondary healthcare performance monitoring system and
• A revised healthcare information and communication strategy

How the work will be done?

First the project will build up capacities and skills for change by providing workshops, seminars, study tours and training for healthcare managers in each pilot region.

The actual work will be based on situation analysis and needs assessment through formulating new roles and responsibilities and a division of tasks within secondary care at the regional level. This means new roles and responsibilities between primary, secondary and tertiary care.

For this purpose, the Project will analyse planning norms for a financially sustainable approach to hospital facility restructuring based on health needs (population and epidemiological parameters) and healthcare capacities (service, productivity and accessibility), propose a revision of them and formulate recommendations.

Based on the analysis, the Project will develop recommendations for improving secondary healthcare structures and planning norms. For that the Project will:

• Set regional secondary healthcare targets for master planning,
• Develop and test key elements of a referral system to ensure continuity of care
• Propose revisions to planning norms for a financially sustainable approach to hospital facility restructuring related to policy and public finance level planning
• Provide legal advice on changes needed in the regulatory framework to support the secondary healthcare restructuring process

The work will continue by supporting regional level long-term secondary healthcare development planning in all pilot regions. The plan has two parts, the first one being regional (Oblast level) hospital (and network) master plans and second regional secondary care public expenditure frameworks and finance plans.

The last area of work within this component is the support to information system specifications for secondary healthcare monitoring. Within this task the activities to be done are:

• Assessing European initiatives in health care IT in relation to the situation in Ukraine
• Elaborating plans for compatibility of information exchange and long-term co-operation in healthcare IT between the EU and Ukraine
• Supporting the healthcare IT strategy development
• Communicating the results of information system-related activities to the relevant authorities

Under this component support will also be given to local government representation and lobbying with central authorities and other potential stakeholders who will materially support secondary healthcare development.

This project is funded by European Union This project is implemented by Consortium EPOS Health Consultants with ECORYS and NICO

The views in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.