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Створення та реєстрація комунальних некомерційних медичних підприємств: зразки документів
Глосарій термінів з якості та стандартизації медичної допомоги
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Presentations of experts

Підсумкова конференці Проекту ЄС "Сприяння реформі вторинної медичної допомоги в Україні", м.Київ, 17.12.2009, НАН України (Files: 3)
Two-day seminar on organization and management in healthcare for representatives of departments, Kyiv, 12-13 October 2009 (Files: 10)
Open lectures, 29-30 September 2009, Kyiv (Files: 6)
The Role of Local Authorities and Self-government Bodies in the Current Healthcare System Reform (Files: 7)
The third two-day national seminar on “Modern Methods of Healthcare Management and a Possible Model of Sector Reform”, 18-19 March 2009 (Files: 10)
The second two-day seminar for oblast health care authorities administrators (Files: 10)
A Series of Seminars for the Officials of Health Care Authorities, 17-18 February 2009, Bucha (Files: 9)
Regional seminar “Legal Aspects of Implementing of Hospital Okrugs Strategy in Ukraine” (Files: 3)
Project Middle Term Conference, Kyiv, 6-7 November 2008 (Files: 13)
Round Table: Quality Management Systems in Secondary Health Care (Files: 3)
National Conference “Healthcare System Functioning and Financing” (Files: 2)
National SHC Reform Strategy Working Group Meeting (Files: 2)
Seminar “National Human Resource Strategy for the Secondary Healthcare: current state and international development trends” (Files: 5)
Regional Seminars “Master Planning in Secondary Healthcare” (Files: 6)
This project is funded by European Union This project is implemented by Consortium EPOS Health Consultants with ECORYS and NICO

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