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Organisational and Human Resource Development

Restructuring secondary healthcare cannot take place without adequate coordinated investments in the health workforce and a strengthening of its management patterns, at national, regional and local levels. Because of the overall goals of the Project, the component focuses on the organisational and management development needs rather than clinical skills.

Under Component 4, the Project supports Ukrainian healthcare in mapping its long-term human resources needs, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, and in devising a comprehensive approach to tackle them. A long-term national human resources strategy is being developed, and will be piloted in at least two oblasts.
At the same time, modern methods and tools for the professional development of hospital managers and health care administrators are being tested and promoted among training and retraining institutions, so as to broaden the outreach of the Project and ensure the sustainability of its achievements over time.

Sub-component 4.1.: Assessment of capacity for management development

The development of human resources, suitable for delivery of  high-quality secondary care, requires training and retraining institutions which (a) understand current and future needs, as well as the opportunities and the challenges associated with the shift under way, and (b) play their role in a way to contribute to meeting needs, exploiting opportunities and addressing challenges, rather than replicating outdated principles. The Working Group on Human Resources and Organizational Development, with Project experts’ support, is directly involved in assessing existing training and retraining institutions, so as to identify capacity building needs and pick up the most promising partners, whose staff will be trained on the job through their involvement in follow-up activities.

Sub-component 4.2.: Assessment of needs for management development

The sub-component is devoted to the assessment of the current strengths and weaknesses of hospital staff and health care administration personnel, in terms of skill base, human resources management patterns, training and re-training programs in health and non-health training institutions. Because of the focus of the project, emphasis is on management competencies rather than clinical skills. The challenges which the Ukrainian secondary health care system is facing in terms of brain drain will also be addressed.

Sub-component 4.3.: Development of a National Human Resources Strategy

The insights from the analyses of human resources development capacity and needs (sub-components 4.1. and 4.2.) will be brought together under the leadership of the Working Group on Human Resources and Organizational Development to draft a long-term national human resources strategy, at least two regional-level human resources strategy and an implementation plan meant to serve as an organizational and methodological framework for the development of managerial and financial staff, including recommendations on any necessary regulatory changes.

Sub-component 4.4.: Development of professional profiles, curricula and training materials

On the basis of the needs identified in Sub-component 4.2., Project experts together with the staff of selected key institutions are developing the professional profiles, the curricula and the learning materials needed to allow hospital managers and health care administrators to work effectively in modern secondary healthcare. Learning materials will be trial tested with managers and administrators in pilot regions, so as to revise their content based on trainees’ feedback. The direct involvement of the staff of selected key institutions throughout the process will serve to create capacity and to ensure sustainability to project results.

This project is funded by European Union This project is implemented by Consortium EPOS Health Consultants with ECORYS and NICO

The views in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.