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National Strategy and Plan Development

The Project's National Strategy and Plan Development shall extract the results of the Project activities into a comprehensive Strategy and Plan on the national level. This Strategy and Plan shall ensure that the bottom-up oriented activities of components 3 and 4 are consolidated and will merge into a consistent top-down oriented paper.

The concrete outputs are:

  • Inventory and analysis of secondary healthcare restructuring activities and their results in Ukraine (1A)
  • National Strategy and Operational Plan for the Systematic Reform of Secondary Health Care in Ukraine (1B)
  • (Public) Expenditure Frameworks for intended secondary care reforms (1C)
  • Survey of secondary health care staff and patients (at the beginning and end of the project) (1D)

How the work will be done?

The Project will establish a Working Group with relevant stakeholders to elaborate the National Strategy and Plan. The Project will set incentives for the development of this paper by drawing up a synthesis report, which will analyze international experience of reforming the SHC sector, comparing this with the situation in Ukraine and eventually identifying reform options for Ukraine. The analysis will take into account the provisions set by the counterpart, such as the National Health Policy Paper. As further experience and findings emerge from the pilots these will need to be consolidated, evaluated and shall ultimately feed into the National Strategy and Plan as well.

The development of the National Strategy and Plan shall also be supported by the cross-cutting function of the capacity and training activities, which shall bring new perspectives and approaches into Strategy Development. Workshops, seminars, study tours and trainings shall provide the necessary input in this respect.

The Strategy Document shall be suitable for a non-expert audience. The document shall be accompanied by several technical annexes covering essential sub-components including a legal compendium setting out necessary measures to implement the strategy.

Information sharing and the communication of project activities and findings to stakeholders and the general public is as essential part of the development process. The Project will disseminate regular updates and its findings through the EU and MOH websites, relevant media sources and promotional activities including: workshops, legal round tables, seminars, lectures, articles in scientific journals and other publications, conferences, etc.

A transparent legal database will support the dissemination and communication process. It will not only identify and sort relevant legal documents for the SHC reform according to different criteria, but also allow to follow up on the analysis of relevant legislation in a consistent and transparent way.

Сommunication strategy (PDF, 125 Kb)

This project is funded by European Union This project is implemented by Consortium EPOS Health Consultants with ECORYS and NICO

The views in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.