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Створення та реєстрація комунальних некомерційних медичних підприємств: зразки документів
Глосарій термінів з якості та стандартизації медичної допомоги
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accessibility of healthcare - the possibility of delivering timely and efficient healthcare basing on the capacity for cost reimbursement, backed up by normative regulation and organizational frameworks

best practice - an organizational term that is related to quality, efficiency and results management in industry and encompasses the practice or rational resource distribution, defined as ‘internal concentration on enhancing internal activities’

health facilities - establishments whose main objective lies in providing healthcare services. By h.f. we mean hospitals, outpatient institutions, and private health resorts staffed with healthcare professionals and providing either inpatient or outpatient services, or both

outpatient care - any kind of healthcare service (treatment, prevention or rehabilitation) provided to the patient upon visiting a healthcare institution, with the time spent on the hospital bed not exceeding 24 hours

primary healthcare - medical services at the primary level, as a rule provided on an outpatient basis in contrast to specialized secondary care and highly specialized tertiary care, which is usually inpatient-based

provider of health services - an organization or person delivering healthcare services and selling them on the market

purchaser of healthcare - a generic term denoting all establishments that bear the expenditures related to providing the population with healthcare services

secondary healthcare (SHC) - specialized clinical and preventative healthcare delivered by competent physicians capable of providing a better quality of consultations, diagnostics, prevention and treatment than generally practicing doctors

tertiary healthcare - specialized medical services undeliverable by the primary or secondary healthcare networks, provided to patients redirected to the tertiary network after treatment in secondary facilities

This project is funded by European Union This project is implemented by Consortium EPOS Health Consultants with ECORYS and NICO

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